Últimos Eventos Pasados

TalentQ SEMINAR | Esperanza Cuenca

Title: Programming Heterogenous Quantum-Classical Supercomputing Architectures Abstract: Valuable quantum computing will integrate tightly with and depend on classical high-performance computing and AI. Such a hybrid system needs a programming model that enables easy and performant co-programming across quantum and classical resources. NVIDIA CUDA-Q is an open-source platform for integrating and programming QPUs, GPUs, and CPUs […]

Quantum Technologies for Young Researchers (QTYR)

CSIC Central Campus Serrano 113, Madrid

QTYR24, the Quantum Technologies for Young Researchers workshop, is a conference designed specifically for scientists in the early stages of their careers working in various branches of Quantum Science. From July 9th to 12th, 2024, in Madrid, this workshop offers a unique opportunity for postdocs, PhD, and Master's students to share their research in a […]

TalentQ SEMINAR | Henry Semenenko

TITLE: Quantum Error Correction and Scaling with Trapped-Ions ABSTRACT: Quantinuum's quantum processors use the quantum charge-coupled device (QCCD) architecture with trapped-ion qubits to deliver leading performance with high-fidelity gates and all-to-all connectivity. As we look towards performing more complex algorithms that require vast numbers of operations, it will be necessary to develop quantum error correction […]